The Air is Elastic

Ella Zeltserman's lyric voice travels across the continental divides of time and place—a Russian childhood, a prairie present, Jewish wanderings throughout history.

Her poems are redolent with sensory/sensual detail, rich with memory, enfolded in longing.

- Alice Major

Ella Zeltserman's latest collection of poetry pushes and pulls, stretches taut and snaps back upon the weight of history and the struggle to place oneself in the here and now.

From her mother's kitchen to medieval Granada, The Air Is Elastic follows a life exiled from the familiar into the unexplored. Seasons melt into ritual, raucous wax-wings crash on glass and hearts are hidden in jars of jam along with the private details of our lives. Wistful and aching, loving and tender, Ella's poems are charged with the potential of a coming storm.

The Air is Elastic is Ella's second book of poetry. It was published April 2018 by Turnstone Press.